Why Commission my Building if the equipment has a start-up performed by the manufacturer?

Typically manufacturers require a start-up to be performed to ensure the unit operates appropriately in order to comply with warranty requirements. This does little to nothing in the way of the overall system being tested. A perfect example of this is the start-up of a chiller versus commissioning the entire chilled water loop; where the chiller, pumps, controls, etc. are tested in conjunction with one another.

I am having issues with my building, but not entirely sure if I should have an energy audit, retro commissioning, or something else performed. What should I do?

There can often be confusion between the different services. 4CS will work with you in order to get details on the types of problems your building is experiencing, the building certification program you are aiming for (if any), and your ultimate goal to determine the best path for you. Since 4CS keeps a limited scope it allows us to hand craft what the client needs without pushing for extra work that might otherwise be costly and unnecessary.

There are a lot of different styles of commissioning; can you explain the role 4CS takes?

4CS believes it is imperative to work with the design and construction teams from start to finish in order to deliver the best possible product to the client. Our method includes focusing on both the process as well as onsite technical testing. The comprehensive forms allow for easier record keeping and certification compliance, while the onsite technical aspect allows us to bring our knowledge and expertise to the actual installation and operation of the building systems.