Our mission is to operate on our 4 guiding principles: Commitment, Competence, Communication, and Certification. 

Our experience in the engineering and construction realms have allowed us to realize that these four areas can be easily overlooked due to the complexity and number of people involved. We place confidence in the results of our work by adhering to these core principles to ensure that the needs of our clients are met.


Our services are mainly focused, but not limited to the following areas: Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, West Virginia, East Tennessee and North Carolina.


We believe that trust is a small word with huge impact. 4CS works not only for, but with our clients to develop long standing relationships.


Competence is the core asset to back-up the commitment we make to our customers. Our experience allows us to bring knowledge to the table and solutions to clients.


To 4CS, communication involves just as much listening as speaking. We listen to the problems occurring onsite and the needs of our clients to deliver solutions in a timely manner.


Experience and education are important to understand the complex buildings of today. 4CS maintains certifications and memberships while still keeping up to date on the latest technologies and training.